l. A daughter of Castalius or Cephisseus, became by Apollo the mother of Delphus. (Paus. x. 6. § 2; Herod. vii. 178.) She is said to have been the first to have sacrificed to Dionysus, and to have celebrated orgies in his honour. Hence the Attic women, who every year went to Mount Parnassus to celebrate the Dionysiac orgies with the Delphian Thyiades, received themselves the name of Thyades or Thyiades. (Paus. l.c. x. 4. § 2, 22. § 5; comp. 29. § 2 ; Lobeck, Aglaoph. p. 285.)

2. A daughter of Deucalion, and, by Zeus, the mother of Macedon. (Hes. Fragm. 26, ed. Göttling ; Steph. Byz. s. v. Makedonia)