1. A surname of Artemis, as the goddess assisting women in child-birth. (Callim. Hymn. in Dian. 240.)

2. The name of a mythical being said to have reared Artemis (Schol. ad Callim. l. c.), and who is mentioned by Virgil as one of the nymphs in her train. (Aen. xi. 532.) The masculine Upis is mentioned by Cicero (De Nat. Deor. iii. 23), as the father of Artemis.

3. A Hyperborean maiden, who together with Arge carried an offering, which had been vowed for the birth of Apollo and Artemis, to Eileithyia, at Delos. (Herod. iv. 35.)

4. A surname of Nemesis at Rhamnus. (Paus. i. 33. § 2.)