1. A son of Hercules and the priestess Rhea. (Virg. Aen. vii. 656.) Servius on this passage speaks of an Aventinus, a king of the Aborigines, who was killed and buried on the hill afterwards called the Aventine.

2. One of the mythical kings of Alba, who was buried on the hill which was afterwards called by his name. He is said to have reigned thirty-seven years, and to have been succeeded by Procas, the father of Amulius. (Liv. i. 3; Dionys. i. 71; Ov. Fast. iv. 51.)

1. Aeneas Aeneas Aeneas
2. Ascanius Ascanius Ascanius
3. Silvius Silvius Silvius
4. Aeneas Silvius   Aeneas Silvius
5. Latinus Silvius Latinus Latinus Silvius
6. Alba Alba Alba
7. Atys Epytus Capetus
8. Capys Capys Capys Silvius
9. Capetus Capetus Calpetus
10. Tiberinus Tiberinus Tiberinus
11. Agrippa Remulus Agrippa
12. Romulus Silvius Acrota Alladius
13. Aventinus Aventinus Aventinus
14. Proca Palatinus Procas
15. Amulius Amulius Amulius